Cell Spinpods

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  • Advanced Introductory Pack
    Advanced Introductory Pack

    Upgrade your research capabilities with our advanced introductory pack, featuring two boxes of six spinpods, a microscope stage, a loading dock, a carrier threaded base, two carrier extenders, and a carrier cap. 615 gm.

  • Basic Introductory Pack
    Basic Introductory Pack

    Kickstart your research with our basic introductory pack, offering two boxes of six-cell spinpods, a loading dock, and a microscope stage at an introductory price.20 x 20 x 10 cm. 535 gm.

  • Spinpods Carrier Cap
    Carrier Cap

    The carrier cap is tailored to fit perfectly onto the carrier threaded base and the carrier extender. The cap is needed in order to hold the last spinpod in place. Carrier Cap is weight is 5.5 cm (diam.) x 1.3 cm. 12 gm.

  • Spinpods Carrier Extender
    Carrier Extender

    Our carrier extender is designed to hold one spinpod. Multiple units can be linked together to hold any number of spinpods. A separately sold carrier cap is needed to hold the last spinpod
    in place. The carrier extenders can be attached to the carrier threaded base to rotate multiple spinpods on any axial rotors. 5.5 cm (diam.) x 1.3 cm. 12 gm.

  • Spinpods Carrier Threaded Base
    Carrier Threaded Base

    Our carrier threaded base is designed with a female thread to connect to axial rotators with a 15 mm shaft. Its versatile design can hold one spinpod or several with our carrier extenders and a separately sold carrier cap to hold the last spinpod in place. 5.5 cm (diam.) x 6.5 cm. 37 gm.


  • Loading Dock For Cell Spinpods
    Loading Dock

    Simplify your process with our dock, which is designed to hold Spinpods for loading or re-feeding. 9 x 10.5 x 2 cm. 32 gm.

  • Microscope Stage
    Microscopy Stage

    Optimize your viewing with our microscope stage. Designed to hold spinpods at the focal length of objectives on an inverted microscope. 12,5 x 12.5 x 1 cm. 32 gm.

  • 6 pcs Of Cell Spinpods
    Box of six Spinpods

    Six 3.5 mL, sterile, single-use vessels with breathable membranes. Box: 17 x 10 x 8 cm. 225 gm.

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  • 100 pcs Of Cell Spinpods
    Case of 100 Spinpods

    100 3.5 ml, sterile single-use vessels with breathable membranes. Case weight 8.25 kg.

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  • Spinpods In Mini-Rotator

    Coming this Spring!

    Enhance your lab workflow with our portable, incubator-compatible mini-rotator, an efficient and compact device designed to rotate up to six spinpods at programmable speeds. 45 x 36 x 9 cm, 3.6 kg.

    Mini-rotator specs